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feel free to enjoy an hellenic dodecanese island virtual tour by visiting islands of kos ,  kalymnos , patmos , leros , nisyros ,  leipsi , tilos , nice places to reside, where any kind of professional activities are finely entangled with the aspects of a calm beautiful life!



Today, lovely Celia had the kindness to share with us an excellent post about the 18th Biennale of Sydney.

I’d like to add a link concerning Documentaan international exhibition of modern and contemporary art in Kassel, Germany, Europe. Exhibition dates for  Documenta13 , the “museum of 100 days” are 9/6 – 16/9, 2012. 

A new interesting hellenic cultural event open till 29/9/12 is that one of Santorini Biennale of Arts 2012, Thíra, Greece  (see also here).  Last but not least, of eternal (=ἀέναον, aenaon) interest the Acropolis museum .

loving this week

Linking up with the cityhippyfarmgirl today, inviting us to tell about little lovely moments in our week..
Well I’m loving this week and every week of our long-lasting hellenic summer (apr-nov).
I’m loving breathing in the sea mistral morning cold air, swimming every day in crystal clear light-blue waters, sea-diving in a swarm of small fishes, and baby lessepsian ones.
I’m loving taking long evening walks across the city coastline road, enjoying the afternoon breeze mixed with fragrants of frangipani flowering plants and eucalyptus’ leaves..
Pure bliss!

Say hello, again, to Luis and David from Paris Boheme, Lucca

Bagni di Lucca and Beyond

My last evening in Italy was spent at Paris Boheme in Lucca. It has become one of my favourite places to eat in Lucca. I love the food and the setting, but mostly I love Luis and David who run the restaurant.

My friends and I are always greeted warmly and we know we are in for a fun evening.


Luis making an entrance.

The boys have a new kitchen and the food is even better than it was before.




I often go for lunch, or just an aperitivo.


Luis is front of house, but if you are really lucky you will get to meet the lovely David, who is usually busy in the kitchen.


If you go to Paris Boheme, and you should, say hello to the boys from Debra.(and try the erotic salad)
They will be starting cooking lessons later in the year. I’ll let you know more…

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In Italia Scipione, qui oggi la nebbia agli irti colli…. ovvero: nebbia sul mare, maglione di lana, riscaldamento acceso. Anche per gli standard inglesi è un’estate molto piovosa.

Questo influisce non poco sui prodotti disponibili per la cucina: tutto in mega ritardo. Da due giorni non mi consegnano i pomodorini: solo robaccia olandese disponibile. Evidentemente anche a livello importazioni ci sono problemi. Ashely di Trill Farm (detto Ashley il barbuto, al caffè) mi dice che domani (martedi 2 di luglio) dovrebbe essere in grado di consegnarmi i primi due preziosissimi kg di zucchine locali bio. Nei giorni scorsi abbiamo comunque avuto il piacere di assaporare i nuovi rapanelli, ottime favette e cavoli di primavera (spring cabbages). L’insalata con i fiori, sempre di Trill Farm, è fenomenale: per non distruggerla la condisco con olio e limone. stop. Gli inglesi mi chiedono la ricetta del dressing… che dire… ?? Io sorrido e spiego…

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cornetfishes at SE Aegean Sea

we spot these baby cornetfishes every day at SE Aegean Sea waters (island of Kos), visible even with swimming goggles at a 50cm sea-depth!

feel free to visit this link  Pesca Flauto (Fistularia commersonii) .

see also .

interesting paper in french , english text on pgs. 62, 81, 85 .